Team Members

Our Psychologists

Adam W. Grady (he/him)

Clinical Psychologist/Owner

Following my education and training at McGill University, I returned home to Nova Scotia, where I have been practicing in both the public and private sectors of care as a registered psychologist for the last 12 years.  In my practice, I strive to create a warm and collaborative space in which my clients can feel open to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and goals, safely and without judgment. I offer treatment to adults for many different psychological and psychosocial challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression (Mood Disorders)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Trauma/ PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Addictions
  • Workplace Issues (Stress, Burnout, Bullying).

I have a special interest in working with Veterans, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, and first responders. A large portion of my clinical practice entails providing comprehensive psychological assessments to assist veterans with their mental health applications for Veterans Affairs Canada.

Because every individual is unique, I adhere to an integrative approach to treatment, drawing upon Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Mindfulness Therapy interventions.  I welcome the opportunity to speak with you, to learn a bit about your treatment interests, and discuss how my approaches to care may help.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you, and to learn a bit more about your challenges and how we may address these challenges.


Craig Isnor (he/him)

Psychologist (Candidate Register)

I provide counselling and psychotherapy for psychological challenges individuals may experience. These challenges may include, but not limited to; anxiety, depression, emotional pain, career, stress, social skills, those living with ASD and ADHD, those seeking to create more meaning in their lives or to reclaim purpose, support those to develop new ways of coping.

I adhere to an integrative approach to treatment. My aim is to address the core issues and promote your strengths to create balance and vitality in your life. I aspire to do this by creating a warm, safe, transparent and collaborative environment, to understand your needs and adapt therapy to meet those needs.


Chris Moule (he/him)

Psychologist (Candidate Register) & Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate (RCT-C)

My approach to therapy is rooted in collaboration, empathy and nonjudgmental acceptance.  With these elements in place, the aim is for clients to feel safe enough and encouraged to be open and explorative. My therapeutic approach is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client while I draw mainly from my experience and training in Internal Family Systems therapy and Psychodynamic therapy.

I have experience working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, loss of meaning, grief, PTSD (and various trauma), loss of self-worth, relationship problems and other issues.  Whether you’re struggling with a specific issue or you’re looking for a deeper understanding of yourself, I’d be pleased to help.  Greater emotional balance, resilience, purpose and well-being are possible.


Ben MacGillivray (he/him)

Child & Youth Psychologist (Candidate Register)

*Ben is only offering psychoeducational assessment services at this time*

I obtained my Masters of Arts (MA) in School Psychology at Mount Saint Vincent University where I was awarded the Senate Award of Distinction, designated to the highest aggregate in his program. I conduct psychoeducational assessments with children and youth to explore their learning, attention, and behaviour. The purpose of these
assessments is to characterize their challenges and provide evidence-based recommendations that will support the client, both at home and at school. My  areas of focus include assessments of Learning Disabilities (LD) and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), among other intellectual or developmental disabilities. I have experience working as a psychologist in the public school system and have effectively collaborated with various members of school staff, families, and external community supports. My experience working in schools has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the school system and common barriers for student success. My effective communication of assessment results and ability to identify and recommend evidence-based supports will help ensure that the results and
recommendations provided to families are practical and efficacious in schools and at home.


Our Occupational Therapists

Emily Sweeney (she/her)

Occupational Therapist

Welcome! I’m Emily, an occupational therapist specializing in mental health. With a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between mental well-being and daily functioning, I offer a comprehensive range of services that combine mental health occupational therapy and psychotherapeutic techniques.

In mental health occupational therapy practice, I focus on helping individuals enhance their overall well-being by addressing the physical, cognitive, emotional, and environmental factors that impact their mental health. Through collaborative goal-setting and tailored interventions, I support clients in developing essential skills and strategies to manage daily challenges, improve self-care, and engage in meaningful activities that promote their recovery and resilience.

I also offer psychotherapy and supportive counseling services, providing a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their emotions, thoughts, and experiences more deeply. I utilize a holistic approach that combines evidence-based practices, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE). With ACT, I help individuals develop psychological flexibility, acceptance, and mindfulness, allowing them to move towards valued life directions despite challenges and emotional distress. CBT allows us to explore the connection between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, empowering individuals to challenge unhelpful patterns and develop more adaptive coping strategies. For those who have experienced trauma, Prolonged Exposure therapy can be utilized to promote processing and healing of traumatic memories, reducing the impact of post-traumatic stress, and reclaiming a sense of safety and control.

My approach is client-centered and compassionate. I strive to create a therapeutic alliance built on trust, empathy, and respect. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you and help you determine if Occupational Therapy services may be a good fit for you.


Our Registered Counselling Therapists

Tim Brodie (he/him)

Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate (RCT-C), CEC, MMM

I retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force in 2012 as an HR Officer with a speciality in Dispute Resolution and team building. I am immensely proud of my work with teams deploying to Afghanistan. I was part of a small and elite team that trained the first unit ever to deploy into a theatre of war with an imbedded collaborative skillset. The benefits were profound. As a result of my career experiences, I was inducted into the Order of Military Merit in 2007. After retirement from the RCAF I was invited to come and work with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Canada’s Atlantic Region replicating some of the successes from the military environment in the community of policing and public service.

I have complimented my undergraduate degree in Justice Studies with a graduate degree in Counselling Therapy and am a Registered Counselling Therapist (Candidate) in private practice, where I help clients using evidence-based techniques designed specifically for each individual client. My north stars are Carl Rogers, who taught a client-centered approach based on unconditional positive regard. His perspective dovetails completely with my mentor, Rick Carson, whose process of Gremlin-Taming© reignites your heart-of-hearts. Lastly, the team of Germer and Neff have taught me the importance of mindful self-compassion as a crucial life skill.

I am a member of the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists (RCT-C21-065) and the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (10005408). I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional certified through Evergreen Certifications (806133). While my counselling credential might be relatively new, I have thousands of hours’ experience coaching clients in situations ranging from military operational events to corporate boardrooms to deeply private and personal family situations.


Andrea Rivera (she/her)

Registered Counselling Therapist (RCT) 

My approach to working with clients is to focus on your needs from a non-judgmental and curious stance. My work is to support you in understanding yourself more, clarifying where your challenges lie, and working together to identify ways in which you can grow towards overcoming those challenges and building resilience.

Even though I draw from approaches like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and Internal Family Systems, I welcome clients to bring their agency and self-knowledge into our sessions to build their path based on their values, needs and wants.

May you be experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, challenges with self-esteem, challenges managing ADHD, challenges in relationships, or other difficulties in your life. I will walk along with you to find ways for a better tomorrow.


Lisa Grady (she/her)

Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate (RCT-C)

Welcome! When working with me, you can expect an allied approach to care, where your individuality is not only respected but celebrated. I offer a warm, supportive, and nonjudgmental space where you can safely and openly share your story.

Together, we will explore different coping strategies and techniques to address any obstacles or challenges you are facing. I use an integrative approach to care, as I strive to tailor treatments to each of my clients’ individual needs.

My therapeutic areas of interest include, but are not limited to: stress, anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), relationship challenges, parenting challenges, and enhancing self-esteem/assertiveness.

I hold a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP) degree from Yorkville University and am registered with Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists (NSCCT).

I look forward to working alongside you, should you think I may be the right fit!


Laura Whynot (she/her)

Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate (RCT-C)

Hi there,

When working with me as your counsellor, my main priority will always be to create a safe and welcoming space for you that starts from day one. Taking the leap to begin therapy can often come with a lot of uncertainty and my hope is that together we can collaboratively work toward your goals in a way that feels both authentic and supportive of your individual needs. I personally believe in a client-centered approach and will draw from a variety of therapeutic modalities such as Narrative Therapy or Internal Family Systems, however my personal philosophy is to work from an integrative lens.

I truly believe that everyone can benefit from therapy, however some of my areas of interest include: stress, anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, self-esteem and work-place issues. Building a therapeutic relationship that is rooted in compassion, trust and respect is one of the most powerful therapeutic tools that can be utilized and in the work that I’ve done with clients I wholeheartedly believe this to be true.

I currently hold a BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology, a Bachelor of Education and a
Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology.

I look forward to working with you if you feel that we would be a good fit.


Samantha Thonhaugen-Good (she/her)

Registered Counselling Therapist Candidate (RCT-C)

As an RCT-C, I work with a client-centered focus and a dedication to fostering growth and healing. With a commitment to providing a safe, non-judgmental space, I strive to create a comfortable relationship with every client. I provide an eclectic and integrative approach to therapy, tailoring therapeutic methods, such as mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), solution-focused brief therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and narrative therapy approaches to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Grounded in empathy and compassion, I have worked with individuals from various backgrounds, creating an environment where each person feels seen, heard, and supported while also cultivating a trauma informed approach. I offer a collaborative and holistic approach, and invite clients to embark on a transformative journey towards self-awareness, understanding of the self, resilience and overall well-being. I value supporting those who may lack support in their lives.

Through effective modalities, I seek to empower individuals to navigate life’s challenges with confidence while discovering inner strengths. I am passionate about addressing a diverse array of challenges. I offer therapy to adults who experience anxiety, depression, anger management, substance abuse recovery, personal conflicts, trauma, relationship issues, grief, and stress. I am currently completing The Gottman Method Couples Counselling and am eager to extend support to couples on their journey towards healthier relationships, improving connection, intimacy, and communication.


Our Registered Social Workers

Kristy Miller (she/her)

BA, MSW, RSW Registered Social Worker

I have been working as a Clinical Therapist in the public and private sectors for 20 years. I have worked for Nova Scotia Health for 12 years. I am known for being warm, empathetic, and professional. I work with adults who struggle with a variety of issues such as ADHD, Anxiety, Addictions, Depression, Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders, Trauma, Chronic Pain, Burnout and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I have advanced training in evidence-based approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and Mindfulness training.

My goal is to create a safe and inviting space for people of all identities. I utilize a collaborative strengths-based approach when working together to achieve your goals.

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you and develop a plan regarding how we can address your challenges.